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Gwyneth Paltrow and husband, singer Chris Martin, have split, the couple announced in a joint statement on Tuesday via her website, Goop.

March 26th, 2014

While there had been speculation of trouble in paradise over the years, the couple seemed to remain united.
“It is with hearts full of sadness that we have decided to separate,” the statement said. “We have been working hard for well over a year, some of it together, some of it separated, to see what might have been possible between us, and we have come to the conclusion that while we love each other very much, we will remain separate. ”
The news comes fresh on the heels of an announcement that Martin, front man for the Grammy-winning band Coldplay, will be joining the hit NBC singing reality show “The Voice.” It also comes days after a report in the Los Angeles Times that the pair had purchased a $ 14 million John Lautner-designed home in Malibu, California.
The couple have been married for more than a decade and are the parents of two children, Apple and Moses. Paltrow and Martin asked for privacy for their family in their statement.

clarisonic mia 2
“We are, however, and always will be a family, and in many ways, we are closer than we have ever been,” they said. “We are parents first and foremost, to two incredibly wonderful children and we ask for their and our space and privacy to be respected at this difficult time.
“We have always conducted our relationship privately, and we hope that as we consciously uncouple and co-parent, we will be able to continue in the same manner.”
The statement was signed, “Love, Gwyneth & Chris.”
The Goop site crashed from too many people trying to read the statement almost as soon as the news hit the Web. On social media the reaction was shock and snideness. Paltrow, who most recently guest-starred on “Glee,” has long riled up feelings of love / hate among fans with her Goop site, which some have viewed as aspirational.
“Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin are getting divorced, citing” insufferable similarities, “wrote one Twitter user. Another wrote,” Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow have split up. Guess he’s finally sick of talking to her and her referring to herself in the 3rd person. ”
Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin are getting divorced, citing “insufferable similarities.”

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What use clarisonic mia 2 live demo

March 15th, 2014

Cleansing brush in my hand playing with bubbles
1, will be applied in the face cleanser brush or hands, wash the brush in the palm of the hand with a constantly spinning, constantly playing bubbles.

cheap clarisonic mia 2 (1)

Brush in hand with a cleansing wash out a lot of bubbles
2, continue to spin wash brush, until a lot of bubbles, bubble texture much and cleanser on oh

cheap clarisonic mia 2 (2)

The bubble spread evenly on the face
3, the bubble will break out, spread evenly on the face, the next is the main event.

cheap clarisonic mia 2 (3)

Wash brush with local playing circle face wash
4, is used in various parts of the face wash brush should spin it, or you feel the need to clean the point where more than a few circles. Yeah wash scaling.

cheap clarisonic mia 2 (4)

After the scrub clean the face with a wash

5, and finally washed with warm water bubbles go like, hey, is not washed very clean, ah!
Long-term use of cleansing brush, the pores will be much smaller, even the nose, mouth small particles also reduce the super.

cheap clarisonic mia 2 (5)

Clarisonic mia 2 artifact introduced the use of mystery

March 15th, 2014

Lately face painted like a smart phone as staffing a life essential supplies , you ‘ve still bare face OUT of it! But in the end market, many of which face brush suitable for us? Wash the brush in the end should buy it? Let’s face artifact network Xiaobian answer it for you to have doubts about the cleansing brush !

clarisonic 4

Q: compared with clarisonic mia 2 wash hand wash Fortunately, where
A: Recently the use of the most widely circulated an experience that is , with a face brush to know before pale wash . Best advantage is to use a face brush, will face an unprecedented clean! The principle is very simple , the bristles more in-depth than the fingers in contact with skin and pores , remove dirt can be removed while the stratum corneum , and the use of this tool dishwashing cleaner is the same reason . General cleanliness of the electric face brush to wash your hands more than four times , non- electric brush also has two times more cleanliness. More importantly, the effectiveness of their beauty as much as an additional hands in this life is unmatched .
Q: clarisonic mia 2 What other functions in addition to cleansing
A: bristles modest stimulus to the skin as do every day face SPA, promote blood circulation , help lymphatic drainage , over time will become ruddy and shiny. In addition, claims he wash brush whitening, moisturizing, anti-aging and acne control effectiveness of the whole sweep. Some people ask in the end there is not that amazing? In fact, these auxiliary functions not directly bring , but it is real. Deep cleaning can help to oil and horny , more smooth breathing pores , acne naturally can be eased. Skin after cleansing skin care products can make subsequent use better absorbed by the skin changed for the better since the reason.
Q: Will Brush the skin thinner and more sensitive about it cause skin
A: This should be the concern of most people clarisonic produced it. Objectively speaking face brush bristles are soft and through a special deal , specifically used for facial cleaning , so the skin will not cause harm. However, when you really want to have a good cleaning efforts . Rough skin itself can be appropriately afterburner, which itself is a thin-skinned the necessary moderation . If excessive cleaning barrier function would be harmed , we will have a variety of skin problems irritations.
Q: how to better manage electric clarisonic mia 2
A: happily bought the electric face brush, not a special feeling nothing but idle washing , face brush is a redness and fright never dare not touch . Wash brush control also emphasizes ways . Cleanser is best to face painted well , it is easier to control on such amount . The first touched on the use of the use , and then increase the intensity based on feeling. Face time not too long , so rough on the forehead oil -prone parts of the residence for about 20 seconds, the delicate parts of the cheeks to stay about 10 seconds on it. After washing the face , we should also not forget the brush clean, well ventilated place to dry. And over a period of time to replace a brush . If that still have allergies , that you really do not fit this face should be immediately suspended .
Q: clarisonic mia 2 can be used to do with Cleansing Oil Cleansing
A: clarisonic associated with the use of cleansing products can achieve good cleansing effect , powerful cleaning relieved isolation , sunscreen is not a problem . For relatively heavy make-up , it was suggested to use cleansing oil before wash brush. Because mostly by emulsifying cleansing oil to clean makeup , rather than friction and vibration. Oily liquid to get the brush is not easy to clean.

Wash your face more and more popular the artifact sales

March 11th, 2014

Many artifacts in order to face the most popular artifact clarisonic mia 2 . In fact, the specific names of these artifacts are not the same , some called cleansing brush, and some called wash device, there are a variety of adjectives former acne , deep cleaning , etc., but the most simple words to describe these artifacts , they are electric brush , similar to an electric toothbrush , but the role is to wash your face .

clarisonic mia

Ms. Lin is the face artifact fans. “Since buying the first clarisonic mia 2, out of hand .” Ms. Lin said. In fact , her first purchase of your face and brush strictly speaking can not be called an artifact , because it is pure manual . There are times to go shopping in the recommended beauty consultant , she purchased the wash brush from Korea . “It was bought with the play , but then more and more of those artifacts electricity , can not help but to start up .” Ms. Lin said. After that , she gradually start two face artifact, the more the price is more expensive to buy , just bought this to 1000 yuan. And no girls around colleagues and friends , too, start the wash artifact.

How red face artifact ? Open Taobao home , in the search bar type ” face “, the jump to the first word is associated with the artifact . In a purchasing shop , I saw only one week, nearly eight hundred dollars face a price for the sale of artifacts nearly 80 . And on Sina Weibo , the artifact is also a popular face to discuss the word , and ” wash artifact ” (clarisonic mia 2 sale) -related micro- Bardon to more than two million of these text blueprint sun most of these young woman , eager to take care of his face.

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Face Select and causes of artifact clarisonic mia 2

March 11th, 2014

Throughout the wash process, there are many appliances are essential, especially those who love beautiful women , beauty below face artifact network experts to tell you about .


1 issuer : generally applicable to long- haired man , ( because there are a lot of men have long hair , so I thought the wording of rigor , or the employer to call this group ) , and now there is a magic card, can be very simple stroked her hair up , and hair bands can effectively smoothed her hair back …… in many different ways , to choose from ~

2 Vibrators : General morning washing the face , many people will massage your own face , or a similar product, but whether it is a face-lift with a massager or tool bars or so , do remember to choose a moderate hardness of the material made products , not for the sake of cheap buy cheap goods, then again, the face is the facade , with consequences in case of some products contain some bad 3 No chemical ingredient caused me not and will not assume any responsibility for liability ~ ~ including sidebands

3 Loud , mask : Loud because the use of simple, inexpensive, more and more young women to do with paper membrane water , soaked with water after the toner attached to the face , can fully absorb lotion , nourishing the skin . There are soaked with milk after the paste surface . What mask , wash your face at night is generally used , but not necessarily every day use .

4 remover tools : Generally speaking, the evening wash only need makeup, makeup appliances also choose the best microfiber , cotton relative to conventional makeup microfiber products, has been a bit out of the ~ ( the yellow microfiber changed hands rub , reportedly very popular in Korea )
Preparations Wan thread , here is wash it . Prior to face to tell you , try using flowing water wash, do not put water into the pool or wash basin , flowing water cleanest ~

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Recommended reason of using Clarisonic

March 11th, 2014

(Clarisonic mia 2 outlet) The U.S. sales of the first wash artifact with Clarisonic patented technology, through research and development from a professional team , the effect is guaranteed. Its technology is carried out through the sonic beauty of the skin effect . When used, the frequency of vibration artifacts up to 300 times more vibration , can 60 seconds short of our skin , for deep cleaning , is six times the efficiency and effectiveness of traditional hand washing . Before this is still worried , trapped in fine lines and pores of dirt , oil, skin and residual cosmetics ? After With magical, these fears will cease to exist , even without facial cleanser , etc., plus the magic with water only , but also to wash clean.

clarisonic mia-3

Face Figure

Clarisonic this artifact, people can feel and use propaganda described as mild stimulation artifact because the artifact is ongoing cleansing instrument uses no mechanical friction and stable high- frequency sound waves and vibrations of thin and soft plush , so bristles extremely gentle , suitable for all skin types. The bristle surface is non-porous design, so prone to bacterial attachment , can effectively prevent the growth of bacteria .

Use simple and convenient. Just gently brush the face with a circular motion , the journey began cleaning . More importantly, this efficient and clean skin, but also promote metabolism, blood circulation , remove the skin dark spots , melanoma and other skin problems . Also make late painting can more easily absorbed through the skin care products , such as making the effect on the absorption of vitamin C up to 61% , improved by 31% , as well as massage the skin , whitening , anti-wrinkle and other additional effects. Is the highest tech , cleaning and maintenance works best cleansing tool.

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How to choose a different skin types face instrument brush.

March 11th, 2014

People are not the same , of course, no product can solve everyone’s problems. Wash brush according to their skin condition should be selected . Because General Electric clarisonic mia 2 can all be replaced with brush , there are a number of gear adjustment , therefore, different skin types and sisters, just follow the following principles to select , elect their own do not have to worry about washing brush friends.
clarisonic mia-2
How to choose the brush

Dry Skin
: This skin type and sisters, for your face and brush cleaning power requirements , does not require too high . Choose softer bristles brush on it.

Oily / combination skin
: Relatively little stiffer bristles , it is more suitable for strong oil secretion of the sisters .

Sensitive Skin
: Such sensitive skin sister , asked to be higher for brush , soft bristles to try , the more detailed the better, when in use , and feel that is relatively mild non-irritating fit .


: Note that the sisters in the wash after using the artifact , we must pay attention to clean, dry, dry or brush ventilated place . March and April also proposed to change a brush , so to keep it clean , keep bacteria and affect the skin healthy. Such products with a clean face wash after artifact , brush needs to be kept dry , so that it is not easy to breed bacteria. We should be scientific , health care yo !

Clarisonic face brush microblogging fans , deep penetrating net Yan real feedback

March 7th, 2014

” Clarisonic face brush used only to find himself 20 years ago pale wash ! ” – Sina microblogging users

” My main purpose is to buy Clarisonic face brush smoke occasionally closed to the cheeks , nose and nasty blackheads on the nose and fat particles , after more than six months of running, I can proudly announce that on because of excessive oil secretion and cleaning is not place due to closed , clarisonic can play a positive and effective role ! especially if you often sideburns long forelocks or chin Strip closed ( probably because of residual cleanser , improper cleaning ) , with the Clarisonic can effectively avoid . ” – a famous beauty of people overseas.

Clarisonic mia 2 week later, on skin, clogged pores , whiteheads blackheads are gone ! ” – Domestic beauty website users
“In the beginning do not believe that any electric face brush magic , but run out for the first time the skin becomes immediately feel like the essence of the follow-up and lotions on deadlines.i absorbed .” – Initial experience Clarisonic consumers
“Clarisonic face brush is not an ordinary electric face brush , which is more than I used any brand , any one electric cleansing brush is good, very gentle on the skin without irritation, my skin is very thin, and some sensitive , with my cleansing Gel , wash clean without stimulus ” – ! Chinese famous beauty site editor
“When I received the Clarisonic face brush made ​​gifts , I just happy to fly faster up, I want to know from the year before on the long grass .”

“Clarisonic mia 2″ leading skin boom

March 6th, 2014

“Brush Face” craze now wantonly Guajin female beauty shopping list , like the iPhone become an essential tool for manpower . Clarisonic mia 2 more in-depth than the fingers in contact with skin and pores , remove dirt can be removed while the stratum corneum , the pores to breathe more smoothly . Deep cleansing can help to oil and horny skin after cleansing skin care products can make subsequent use better absorbed by the skin changed for the better since the reason. General cleanliness of the electric face brush to wash your hands more than four times , non- electric brush also has two times more cleanliness. Also , wash the bristles to moderate skin irritation like to do every day face SPA, promote blood circulation , help lymphatic drainage , over time will become ruddy and shiny. Practice has proved that hard bristles suitable for oil secretion strong oily and combination skin , dry skin on the cleaning power requirements do not need too much , you can choose a softer bristle brush . The first touched on the use of the use , and then increase the intensity based on feeling. Face time not too long , so rough on the forehead oil -prone parts of the residence for about 20 seconds, the delicate parts of the cheeks to stay about 10 seconds on it.


Sensitive and dry skin is not suitable for Clarisonic

If you follow the online presentation, this Clarisonic bristles are soft through a special process used specifically for facial cleansing , it should not cause harm to the skin , it should be better than hands strong cleaning power , which for oily skin , acne skin, the more applicable makeup remover. “But note that , Clarisonic for facial skin friction will be stronger than your hands , if often rub the skin with it , it could clean excessive , resulting in thinning of the stratum corneum , or destruction of sebum membrane , and thus the skin’s barrier function when hurt . ” ” So Clarisonic is not suitable for sensitive skin and dry skin , and facial dermatitis and eczema and other skin lesions if more can not be used . As a neutral and combination skin , you can apply Clarisonic, but it is recommended to clean to grasp the intensity , relatively rough skin can be properly afterburner, which is necessary to do what the relatively thin addition , Clarisonic bristles should try to choose natural, soft , colorless , and should be changed frequently , brush head should be clean and dry to prevent unnecessary secondary infection . ” Chan Chao said the new prompt .

The hotter the water , the better the face is not a bubble and more

Common Mistakes face are: 1 blindly choose potent cleansers , strong cleaning appliances . 2 . Consider only washed clean of foam . 3 . Believes wash several times down. 4 . Consider the cleaner to wash the more years. 5 . Believes hot water to clean.

In fact, it should be properly wash your face morning and evening every day as long as the use of warm water of 40 degrees Celsius , to choose their own skin cleansers , when rubbed bottom- face , even forced to the outside by the central muscle growth along the direction of the deposition dust on the skin , dirt , grease and sweat wash it. After cleaning rinse with water , cold water can be photographed face, facial temperature decreases pores to enhance skin elasticity , and finally, dry with a towel .


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Clarisonic Sonic deep Toru net Yan Ke Laili “cleansing artifact,” a new generation of technology beauty myth!

March 2nd, 2014

Mention wash , facial cleanser will and towels , together. However , in the 21st century, this traditional way of cleansing , a long OUT – With micro-vibration acoustic and clean skin super ” cleansing artifact ” Clarisonic face brush is now at supersonic seize the beauty of people , loving care ‘s heart.

Hollywood actress , skin experts and users around the world love the nickname of ” cleansing artifact ,” the Clarisonic face brush , a unique patented technology to more than 300 times per second, the speed of sound micro-vibration by, thorough and deep clean the skin gently , follow-up skin care products make the skin more easily absorbed , continued use can improve large pores, smooth fine lines and wrinkles , adjust color, make the skin more smooth, translucent and become a new generation of technology beyond the traditional skin care beauty myth.

Clarisonic Sonic deep Toru net Yan Ke Laili ” cleansing artifact ,” a new generation of technology beauty myth !clarisonic 4

Clarisonic face brush patented micro- massage using a sonic shock wave technology , the skin’s natural elasticity and fit , gently remove the traditional cleaning methods can not remove the dirt, making the skin more supple , smooth, beautiful. Butterfly wings , six times per second vibration , hummingbird wings 50 times per second vibration , and Clarisonic Sonic deep penetrating net Yan Ke Laili system uses sonic micro-vibration technology , emit 300 times per second by Mobo , the dirt deep in the pores thoroughly clean out ! Therefore, smaller pores , brighten skin color and therefore , subsequent to accelerate absorption of skin care products , and no more ” rubbing mud ” phenomenon , which is Ke Laili cheap Clarisonic mia 2 sale Sonic Skin Beauty fretting technology brings revolutionary change.